You can add charm to your home by installing paving stones on your driveway, patio, walkways, and pool deck. Pavers are both durable and beautiful. Take care of your patio pavers properly with these five tips and they can last for decades.

Because they are easy to maintain, pavers are an ideal solution for busy homeowners. Once pavers are in place it’s important to keep them in good condition. Follow these simple steps and your pavers can look new and elegant for years to come:

1. Sweep pavers with a broom

Grab a broom and sweep the dirt and debris off of your paving stones as often as you can. We recommend sweeping your pavers if it looks like rain. When leaves or other debris get wet they can stain pavers, leading to additional cleanup later on.

2. Rinse off pavers with water

Use your hose and an attachment to rinse off your pavers. This will remove the majority of dirt and grime that remains after a thorough sweeping. You normally don’t need to pressure wash them. (But if you have problems such as mold or moss due to standing water, pressure washing can help.)

3. Create a paver cleaning solution

Have some stubborn stains on your pavers?  Take a bucket and fill it with water and dish soap. These simple ingredients make a cleaning solution that you can use to wash away stains. Grab a rag or sponge, dip it in the solution, and apply some elbow grease to clean the spot. (The only thing this won’t clean is oil. For that you will need an oil remover.)

4. Apply paver sealer

You can keep your paving stones looking new by applying a sealer. This should be done on clean, dry pavers, and you can apply it once a year or every other year. The topcoat of sealant for your paving stones prevents dirt and stains from penetrating through the stone. It provides a nice shine and makes it easier to clean your pavers. After applying the pavers sealer, you can keep them clean and remove stains with water only.

5. Replace your pavers

If one of your patio pavers is damaged or severely stained, you can replace it without disturbing the stones around it. Installing paver stones can be done in only a couple of hours to restore that brand-new look.

Now, Take These Care Tips to Your Patio

With these five simple tips, you can care for and keep your patio pavers looking good for many years. If your paving stones are looking tired and dated, consider applying pavers sealer before you think about replacing them.

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