Looking for a list of home bar essentials for your new outdoor bar? The size and location of your space can determine exactly what bar accessories you need for your new outdoor bar. Check out our helpful guide below to assist you in deciding exactly what works best for your space!

1. Outdoor Bar Centers

Bar centers keep everything you need to entertain right at your fingertips. Most bar centers include a sink & faucet, ice bin, condiment holders, and even a bottle opener. For the mixologist, having a bar center with a well in front is an added convenience to store all your favorite mixers. Some customers choose a bar center without a sink, so they can add that in a different area. Bar centers make entertaining a breeze!

2. Outdoor Refrigerators

Outdoor Refrigerators are a great investment for your outdoor kitchen and not to mention super convenient. Outdoor Refrigerators make it easy to stay stocked with all the ingredients needed for the perfect backyard party. Having an outdoor refrigerator is ideal for keeping food, condiments, and beverages stocked and chilled.

3. Outdoor Kegerators

Enjoy a frosty draft beer while hosting the perfect party by adding a Kegerator to your outdoor bar. Kegerators can save you money because beer on tap is less expensive than keeping bottles or cans stocked in your refrigerator. Kegerators are small refrigerators that come in single or dual tap configurations. Many customers like dual tap, because you can dispense two different types of beer from one source. Adding a small pony keg gives you ample space inside to stock beverages or condiments. Serve up the fresh draft beer while you are grilling or simply entertaining outdoors, and you will be the envy of the neighborhood.

4. Outdoor Wine Coolers

For wine lovers, wine coolers are a must. Wine Coolers are set at a higher temperature range because wine isn't stored as cold as other beverages. Wine coolers are available in single or dual zone. Dual-zone wine coolers are great for the wine enthusiast that likes to store different types of wine, because they have independent temperature controls. Most wine coolers come with removable horizontal shelves so it's easy to store larger bottles of wine. Sit back and enjoy the party while sipping on your favorite chardonnay!

5. Outdoor Beverage Coolers

Keep your favorite beverages stocked and chilled by adding a beverage cooler to your outdoor bar. Beverage coolers are usually sleeker than outdoor refrigerators, and commonly have a glass display. Beverage Coolers have specific storage options to accommodate bottles or cans and don't have storage compartments in the door like most outdoor refrigerators. They are a great addition for people that love to entertain or spend a lot of time outdoors. Why run in and out of the house for a cold drink, when you can have a tasty cold beverage right at your fingertips?

6. Outdoor Ice Makers

There is nothing worse than running out of ice while you are entertaining, and having to run to the store to stock up on ice during a party. Whether built-in or freestanding, ice makers come in a variety of sizes and offer different ice type options. Ice makers make entertaining convenient and easy, and a great way to get the party going and the cool drinks coming.

7. Outdoor Ice Bins & Coolers

An essential outdoor bar accessory, ice bins and coolers are great for storing extra ice and keeping beverages chilled, while entertaining. Ice bins are built on your island, so you can replace your old portable ice chest that's usually used for storing extra ice. Keep the cocktails coming while having ice stocked and readily available.

8. Outdoor Bar Furniture

Let your guests sit and enjoy the party with outdoor bar furniture. Adding bar stools to your island is a great way to socialize with your guests while you are grilling up the perfect meal. If you don't have an island, consider a separate bar table and chairs off to the side.

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