Warm temperatures bring out the birds and the flowers and plans for gardens and outdoor entertaining. At our house, we have a patio, newly finished this past fall and ready to be broken in, which makes for lots of planning and researching and daydreaming. In all our research, we’ve discovered that good summer patios have ten things. It’s like magic, really. Add these ten things to your patio and suddenly, you’ll have an outdoor space that will be the envy of the neighborhood. I promise. Take a look and start thinking about your summer patio!

String lights are a patio luxury that you see on Pinterest but often neglect at home. It’s time to change that. Hanging string lights across your outdoor space will give you the prettiest lighting for the most enchanting parties.

Many people want an outdoor space so they can extend their entertaining abilities. Before you go planning your evening dinner parties in the backyard, make sure you have an area where guests can sit and eat. Whether it’s a bistro table and chairs or a picnic table, dinner in the outdoors will be enchanting.

If you have a yard, landscaping is an obvious must. If you have a patio, you can easily fill corners with potted plants and hang vines from the pergola to make your outdoor space blend with your lovely manicured yard.

Using Outdoor Furniture For Your Summer Patio

While outdoor furniture is a must on any patio, you might consider adding a hammock as well. Not only will it contribute to seating space for guests, but it will also be a comfy place for you to rest and ready on a Sunday afternoon.

Is your patio always filled with people during the summer? Make sure you keep guests happy by providing a bar… outside! It will make serving drinks a breeze and give you a flat outdoor space to decorate.

Some of the homiest patios and decks I’ve seen have a bright rug on them. It brings a feel of luxury to the space and you have no reserve about taking off your shoes and getting comfortable. It’s also great for protecting the little hands and knees of darlings who can’t walk yet.

Do you have a bonfire nook? My advice, get one! One of the best events to host in your home is a bonfire. It’s a great way to meet new friends and spend time with old ones and you can light it up from spring through fall!

While bonfires are great entertainment, it doesn’t hurt to have a second source of play. I love the idea of putting a ping pong table on the deck. Or if you don’t have that space, invest in a croquet set or a volleyball net that can be placed in the yard.

When you’ve chosen your furniture and picked your entertainment and stocked your outdoor bar, take a step back and look around. It’s time to add some indoor comforts like throw pillows and table linens. If you have a bar privacy fence, hang a picture or a mirror.

Are you jealous of everyone else’s large patio? Even with a tiny deck or balcony, you can still create your own outdoor entertaining space! Throwdown a blanket and some cushions. Light up some candles. Bring out the potted plants. Don’t hesitate to make a cozy spot where you and a friend or two can share a glass of wine this summer.

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